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JeffPT Physical Therapy
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Jeffrey J. Sanoian, PT, PC is an outpatient clinic that specializes in the provision of comprehensive traditional physical therapy methods and manual care to rehabilitate patients. Additionally, the clinic boasts on-site access to additional services including acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic and personal training services.(see Services)


Physical Therapy is not just for athletes, but for anyone looking to improve or regain strength, flexibility, stamina, balance or overall well-being. Physical therapy is also an important part of the Pre and/or Post surgical healing process, We pride ourselves in treatment of Non surgical Orthopedic,Sports and Spinal injuries conditions (see Conditions Treated page for more examples). including post surgical rehabilitation, musculoskeletal dysfunction, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sports injuries, and work- or automobile-related injuries.


We review each patient’s history and assess their functional ability, movement, posture, and strength. After the assessment, the Physical Therapist develops a personalized treatment plan tailored and individualized to your diagnosis and objective findings. Our professional environment & caring staff helps each patient reach their health goals.


Our treatments are never rushed. We have created a place where our team takes the time needed to educate the patient and provide therapeutic exercises combined with manual/modality therapy to eliminate pain and increase overall wellness.

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Jeffrey Sanoian, graduate of D’Youvilie College, is a veteran physical therapist with 26 years experience. He founded Jeffrey J. Sanoian PT., PC on the principle that when you remove time restrictions, provide hands-on care, and facilitate open communication, you create a positive environment where patients experience success in reaching therapy goals. Patients become loyal to Jeff’s practice not only because he has made a name for himself as a capable and creative therapist in Rockland County. He gets results using his manually-based approach with strong patient compliance while providing a unique and positive atmosphere of his office.

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Bozena is a part-time physical therapist for the evening hours. She is currently employed by Helen Hayes Hospital during the daytime hours. She has been practicing at our facility for the past eight years and has over 15 years of experience with expertise in manual therapy with multiple certifications in spinal and extremity treatment as well as vestibular certifications.