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​​​​​​​We have recently relocated to a new facility, in New City, with handicap accessibility and multiple services. The ground-level facility boasts a 2,600 square foot, open-concept space with eight treatment tables for therapeutic rehabilitation and four private rooms for preferred/specialist services with extensive equipment for all aspects of patient care. If you would like to see images of our facility just click

With our clinic’s open floor plan, patients are constantly encouraged to interact with their therapist and their fellow patients. This interaction creates the family, team atmosphere for which Jeffrey J. Sanoian PT., PC, is known. Patients report that even though their sessions are often challenging, they feel encouraged by this supportive framework and never feel alone on their journey.

The Facilities

COVID check and sign in
front desk
Excercise equipment and therapy tables
Excercise equipment
Therpy tables andeqyupment
therapy tqables 2

Private Rooms Avaialbe

Jeffery J Sanoian PT's private physical therapy room with treatment table in New City, NY
Private physical therapy room with massage table in Jeffery J Sanoian PT's offcie in New City, NY


excerices equipment
seated arm cycle
excercise ball
small ecercise ball - wll excercise
exercise bow
stability equipment


We offer some of the most advanced physical therapy services in Rockland County at our centrally located facility on Squadron Blvd., in New City.

Meet Our Team​

The staff at Jeffery J Sanoian PT PC In New City Are Friendly And Encouraging
JEFFREY J SANOIAN PT, PCOwner And Primary Physical Therapist
Jeffrey Sanoian, a graduate of D’Youvilie College, is a veteran physical therapist with 30 years of experience. He founded Jeffrey J. Sanoian PT., PC on the principle that when you remove time restrictions, provide hands-on care, and facilitate open communication, you create a positive environment where patients experience success in reaching therapy goals. Patients become loyal to Jeff’s practice not only because he has made a name for himself as a capable and creative therapist in Rockland County. He gets results using his manually based approach with strong patient compliance while providing a unique and positive atmosphere in his office.
Liliana Somma -
Liliana Somma - Physical Therapist
Liliana is a part-time physical therapist with over 30 years of experience in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. She graduated from New York University and has worked in a variety of settings throughout her career. Lilliana utilizes a variety of treatment techniques dependent upon the individualized presentation of specific patient conditions and assessments. She continues to expand her knowledge and hands-on skills through continuing education.
John Naclerio
John NaclerioExercise Physiologist
John performs personal training individualized exercise programs
for patients.

Linda Acca
Linda AccaAdministrative Assistant
Linda works in the business office and manages the front desk. She keeps the office functioning in a friendly, efficient manner performing Covid temperature checks, check-in procedures, and much more…
RANDY RUSSO Chiropractor
For more information on Randy, see his website
Marcy Leon
Marcy LeonMassage Therapist
Massage Therapist

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