Jeff Sanoian’s journey to becoming a cutting-edge physical therapist started in his youth 

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As a kid growing up near Buffalo, NY, Jeff loved to play sports. Unfortunately, along with sports came the occasional injury. Upon receiving a reasonably severe injury, the doctor ordered three weeks of rest and then therapy. Being an average teen, he wanted to play and was frustrated having to sit out so long. Unlike a typical high school athlete, he began to read books on treating sports injuries as he felt his treatment was too passive and could do more to get back to helping himself and his team. These books opened his mind to how stretching could enable him to become more proactive and accelerate his recovery. This knowledge sparked him to speed his recovery and became a passion that would drive his education and career. Jeff began to volunteer at local hospitals. It was not long before Jeff was able to see that some coaches could improve the way they trained their athletes. According to medical research, some were overtraining athletes in some areas and not enough in others, such as proper form/body mechanics, stretching, and weight training effectively which demonstrates the most efficient exercise regiment. 

Sanoian first-rate college preparation

The next step in Jeff becoming a physical therapist was his undergraduate work at the University of Miami. As a student trainer for the Hurricanes, Sanoian worked with several future NFL players. Included in the future professionals were Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, Michael Irvin, and more. He graduated with a BS in Education and Athletic Training. After leaving The University of Miami, Jeff entered the physical therapy graduate program at D’Youville College. During his summers, Jeff worked as a student trainer for the Chicago White Sox. Additionally, he volunteered with the Buffalo Bills. Finally, in 1991, Sanoian graduated and was ready to start his professional career in physical therapy.

Jeff’s first job quickly baptized him with fire

Jeff started his career working on just one patient at a time. However, it was not long into the job when two physical therapists quit at the same time. As a result, Jeff was required to treat 4 and 5 patients simultaneously. At first, it was a bit overwhelming. However, Sanoian was determined to see it through. Jeff quickly learned how to manage patients’ activities to give them complete therapy and the personal attention they deserved. His efforts were not overlooked, as his dedication earned him the director’s position within two years. When other PTs left, Jeff responded proactively. He hired the new PTs that showed potential. Sanoian then utilized his training as an educator to ensure all new hires developed the skills necessary to deliver exceptional physical therapy.

Sanoian begins to develop his approaches to physical therapy

 Jeff instituted a back school training program with the new PTs and PTAs to ensure all were amply skilled in treating spinal issues. After Jeff developed this program, he was given more autonomy to improve the practice and took advantage of the opportunity. Sanoian trained the staff in manual therapy that he learned from his continuing education courses. It was at this time that the seeds of his “hands-on approach” were being planned. Jeff also started a program that helped his therapists take care of their hands to prevent injury, including stretching, strengthening, and proper body mechanics. If you have questions regarding how Jeff’s hands-on approach accelerated healing, give him a call at 845- 639-1181.

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Jeff Sanoian accepts Physical Therapy Center Director’s Position

Before long, Jeff was hired by an orthopedic group accepting the director’s position with Professional Sports Care. The focus was sports medicine, and Sanoian’s background was a great fit.  Health South eventually purchased the practice, and Jeff remained on as the director. He continued to improve every aspect of the physical therapy instituting screening tools to ascertain back pain, functional ability, and rescreening at the end of treatments to determine progress. Jeff was not satisfied with the progress patients were making with the standard number of prescribed sessions. He developed and initiated extended physical therapy sessions that yielded 20% more functional improvement in patients based upon assessment of outcome studies. His hard work paid off, and his office became the number six office out of over 200 offices across the US, demonstrating the effectiveness of patient outcomes.

It was time for Jeff to fly solos and Institute his hands-on therapy


By this time, in 2001, Jeff was well prepared to open his practice – Jeffery J Sanoian PT PC, DBA All Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. He brought his vast experience and innovations together to deliver his hands-on therapy. Hands-on therapy focuses on spending time with the patients and manipulating the patient’s muscles and body to ascertain healing and functioning. This approach constantly reassesses patients to focus the therapy on the most efficient exercises that accelerate the healing and maximize muscular function. Sanoian also retrained patients to reinforce posture and educated them in the proper exercise techniques to optimize recovery and strengthening of the muscles. At Jeff J. Sanoian PT PC, patients receive reinforcement and support from his team to finish their exercise and training during each session. Jeff and his PTs supervise the exercises to make sure they are done and done correctly. In addition, Jeff and his staff take the time to listen to the patient and their feedback. 

Jeff Sanoian's hands-on physical therapy
Rockland County patient receiving physical therapy from Jeffry J Sanoian at his New City office

Patients love the individual attention and the results Sanoian’s Team Delivers

Patients started to inform their doctors how much time Jeff’s team spent with them and the positive results of the physical therapy. This approach has led to his excellent reputation amongst the medical community and a steady flow of referrals from patients and doctors. Jeff has also been a clinical instructor for local Physical Therapy training programs since 1995. He loves to pass on his passion for PT by teaching his interns advanced hands-on Physical Therapy techniques. In 2019, Jeff changed the Practice to Jeff Sanoian, PT, PC. for the purposes of name recognition.


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JEFFREY J SANOIAN PT, PCOwner And Primary Physical Therapist
Jeffrey Sanoian, a graduate of D’Youvilie College, is a veteran physical therapist with 30 years of experience. He founded Jeffrey J. Sanoian PT., PC on the principle that when you remove time restrictions, provide hands-on care, and facilitate open communication, you create a positive environment where patients experience success in reaching therapy goals. Patients become loyal to Jeff’s practice not only because he has made a name for himself as a capable and creative therapist in Rockland County. He gets results using his manually based approach with strong patient compliance while providing a unique and positive atmosphere in his office.
Krystian Piatek
Krystian Piatek Physical Therapist
Krystian Piatek is a Physical Therapist who graduated of Poznan University of
Medical Sciences, 2018. She is a caring, taletned addtion to the staff.
RANDY RUSSO Chiropractor
For more information on Randy, see his website
Marcy Leon
Marcy LeonMassage Therapist
Massage Therapist


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