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About Us

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Our Team

Jeffrey Sanoian MS P.T.

Owner and primary physical therapist

Jeffrey Sanoian, graduate of D’Youvilie College, is a veteran physical therapist with 26 years experience. He founded Jeffrey J. Sanoian PT., PC on the principle that when you remove time restrictions, provide hands-on care, and facilitate open communication, you create a positive environment where patients experience success in reaching therapy goals. Patients become loyal to Jeff’s practice not only because he has made a name for himself as a capable and creative therapist in Rockland County. He gets results using his manually-based approach with strong patient compliance while providing a unique and positive atmosphere of his office.

Bozena Szostak P.T.

Owner and primary physical therapist

Bozena is a part-time physical therapist for the evening hours. She is currently employed by Helen Hayes Hospital during the daytime hours. She has been practicing at our facility for the past eight years and has over 15 years of experience with expertise in manual therapy with multiple certifications in spinal and extremity treatment as well as vestibular certifications.