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Taking Physical Therapy To The Next Level

Are you looking for the most effective Rockland County physical therapy service? Jeffrey J. Sanoian PT PC is located at 16 Squadron Blvd, Suite #102, in New City. They offer patients some of the finest physical therapy services available today. In addition to excellent traditional PT services, Jeffery and the staff offer a series of personalized, hands-on techniques that accelerate healing and maximize muscular function. His early training included working with college-level baseball and football athletes at the University of Miami. He has also worked with professional athletes belonging to MLB’s Chicago White Sox and the NFL’s Buffalo Bills.

Congers patient receives physical therapy on her neck in Jeffery J Sanoian PT's New City Office

Whom Do They Serve?

Jeffrey J Sanoian PT PC, delivers elite services to the entire family, from pediatric, youth, and teen patients to adults and seniors. In addition to their manual therapies, they also offer massage therapy, chiropractic care, and personal training. If you are looking for an individualized treatment program focused on helping you regain your health as quickly as possible, call us at 845-639-1181. Set a tele-appointment with Jeffrey to learn about the benefits of physical therapy and whether it can help you.

Jeffrey Sanoian’s Promise To His Patients

At Jeffrey J. Sanoian PT PC, I believe that listening to your needs is important to your recovery. That’s why I take the time to understand your requirements and provide you with a safe space where all your needs are addressed.

To progress your recovery, I will design a custom P.T. program that is individualized and will accelerate your healing and maximize functional improvement. My manual therapy and hands-on techniques are critical to your successful recovery. I also believe that each patient should perform their exercises under supervision to ensure that they are completed as per proper body mechanics and form to enhance their effectiveness. For me, every patient is a unique individual and heals at a different rate. That’s why I have developed a friendly and encouraging environment that assists patients in completing their sessions while enjoying the camaraderie of the staff and fellow patients. Feedback during treatment is vital to reaching your goals. During each session, patients are continually reevaluated and their programs are modified ensuring a baseline progression of care. My team and I are always here to give the best available treatment for your recovery. Our goal is always to get each patient back to their everyday life as quickly and effectively as possible. We go the extra mile to help you heal and reach your goals.

On this, you have my word,

~ Jeffrey Sanoian MS PT

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Why Physical Therapy?

Many individuals suffer from pain. Whether acute or chronic, pain is a significant issue that results in missed work and deconditioning due to lack of functional movement. The physical therapists at Jeffrey Sanoian PT are trained to do more than manage pain. Instead, they treat pain at its source. Their hands-on therapy is based on assessing the joint and musculoskeletal system in relation to functional limitations and performing daily activities. Their custom-designed treatment programs are focused on correcting pain disorders, offering relief, and getting patients back to their daily activities quickly.

Rockland County physical therapist at Jeffery J. Sanoian PT provide providing hands-on PT

What Conditions Are Treated?

Physical therapists at Jeffrey J. Sanoian, PT PC focus on spinal, orthopedic, and sports rehabilitation. We offer complete rehabilitative therapy for all of  Rockland County and beyond. The therapists are committed to treating you with the latest and most effective exercises and procedures. Jeffrey J. Sanoian, PT PC, offers specialized physical therapy treatment in the following areas including:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries of the hip and shoulder
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Sports care rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy for post-operative/surgical procedures
  • Injuries of the wrist, elbow and hand
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Balance and gait rehabilitation
  • Neurological rehab
  • General/work conditioning

Jeffrey Sanoian Is Among The Most Experienced Physical Therapists In The Industry

Jeffrey’s Early Years Gave Him Superior Training

As a youth who loved sports, Jeff was injured and experienced first-hand the traditional approach to physical therapy techniques being used at the time.  He was not satisfied with the pace of his recovery. Consequently, he began to read books on how to treat sports injuries, which ignited his passion for P.T.  During his formal education, Jeff worked with the University of Miami football and baseball teams as well as the Chicago White Sox and Buffalo Bills on the professional level. Click here to read more…

Jeffrey’s Professional Career Was Fast-Tracked

Upon launching his career, Jeff was offered a director’s position within two years. He developed a new training program to ensure all therapists were highly skilled. Jeff was next hired by an orthopedic doctor, accepting the director’s position with Professional Sports Care. Here, he developed his hands-on approach, instituted screening tools to ascertain back pain and functional ability, and then implemented rescreening at the end of the treatments. Health South then took over the practice. Under Jeffrey’s leadership, they established themselves in the top ten most productive and popular offices in the nation (among over 200 offices.) In 2000, Jeff opened his private practice in New City. He instituted all of his cutting-edge techniques and modalities to accelerate patients’ healing. Click here to learn more about Jeffrey’s background…


We offer some of the most advanced physical therapy services in Rockland County at our centrally located facility on Squadron Blvd., in New City.

Rockland county Map showing location of Jeffery J Sanoian PT in New City, NY

Jeffrey Sanoian P.T., PC’s New City Office Is Convenient To All Of Rockland County

Our office is located at 16 Squadron Blvd, Suite #102, between Main Street and Route 304, in the heart of Rockland County, New City. We are just minutes from the NY Thruway, the Palisades Parkway, Rt 303, and Rt 9-W. Just use your Waze or Google Maps, and you will see how easy and convenient it is to get to our facility. If you still need directions, call us at 845-639-1181

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Rockland County physical therapist providing therapy

Finding The Best Physical Therapy Service For Your Pain Management Needs In Rockland County

Many people in Rockland County are not sure how to find the best physical therapy services for their needs. Therefore, they often choose a physical therapist in one of two ways. Some pick the nearest physical therapist that is covered by their insurance. Others have seen their doctor, and the doctor provides their list of physical therapists from which to choose. The reality is that patients have the right to choose any physical therapist they want.

Often, traveling a mile or two more can make all the difference…

Five Tips For Finding The Best P.T. Services For Your Needs

1.  Experience –

Ask about their background, where they trained, how long they have been practicing, what specific training, certifications, or advanced skills they have acquired. Also, ask what specialized services they offer.

Rockland County patient receiving physical therapy from Jeffry J Sanoian at his New City office
Rockland County Physical Terapist at Jeffery J Sanoian PT, provide individualized PT programs

2. Custom Tailored Programs To Accelerate Healing –

Ask what methodology they use and what expertise they have that will help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Jeffrey supervises all staff and ensures they are skilled with his manual therapy style and “hands-on approach” that incorporates massage therapy, joint mobilization, and different soft tissue techniques. This approach relaxes, stimulates the muscles, and increases blood flow, speeding the healing process.

3. An Encouraging Environment –

Everyone’s healing occurs at a different pace.  Some injuries take longer to heal, and some people’s bodies heal slower than others.  Jeff has purposely developed a friendly environment where patients can talk freely and are encouraged by both staff and fellow patients.  

Exercises are supervised and patients are encouraged at Jeffery J Sanoian PT's New City Office
Rockland Patient completing ankle stretching exercise at Jeffery J Sanoian PT in New City

4. Patients Do Their Stretching And Exercises At Each Session –

Jeffery Sanoian and his staff supervise patients as they stretch and exercise.  The “hands-on” techniques are utilized during manual therapy and are often employed while the patient is exercising or performing functional movements to ascertain the level of healing that has occurred.

5. Check Reviews And Testimonials –

You should check the reviews and testimonials of your potential physical therapists and see if you can speak to their current and past patients.  You want to make sure that the PT service receives superior ratings from those who have experienced them.

Performance evaluation form - review

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Jeffrey Sanoian’s Hands-On Therapy Speeds Recovery

Hands-on therapy focuses on spending time with the patient and using physical contact to read a patient’s body and ascertaining how their muscles are healing and functioning. It involves constantly rechecking, reassessing, and focusing on continually treating the issues presented in each session. Hands-on treatment accelerates healing and maximizes muscular function. If you have questions about Jeffery Sanoian’s hands-on physical therapy, call him at 845-639-1181 For a No Charge Telemedicine Appointment to discuss your condition.

Our Patients Say It Best…

See Why We’re A Top- Rated Physical Therapy Clinic in Rockland County

I highly recommend Jeff Sanoian. My daughter had a few surgeries (2 shoulder surgeries and TOS) and PT didn’t work for her until we found Jeff Sanoian. We traveled the 45 minutes EACH way twice a week to see him. That’s how good he is. He listens, has a vast knowledge of the human body and his staff is friendly and caring as well. We would most certainly see him again if PT was needed.

Caryn Mele

I have been seeing Jeff for around 15 years for many different conditions. He always makes time for all his clients and listens to their needs. I highly recommend!

Scott Fetterman

Due to two separate Motor Vehicle accidents I have sought Physical Therapy with Mr. Jeffery Sanoian ( in 2010 and recently 2020).

On both occasions I was greeted in a friendly manner, making me feel welcome. Therefore my first impression was impressive.

His sessions are usually 2 to 2 1/2 hours but the recovery is remarkable. During the course of the time I get treated with various techniques. For instance but not limited to: Electrical Stimulation; Ultrasound; Laser; Excercises; and one on one hands on massage. He has alleviated my pain and given me confidence. Basically he has helped me improve my quality of life.

Mr. Sanoian in one word is BRILLIANT! He Is a true professional but at the same time demonstrates patience and compassion. He has closed to 30 years of experience; therefore, he provides superior care!

His entire staff are extremely friendly and eager to assist in whatever way necessary.

Highly recommend Mr. Sanoian for Physical Therapy!

Carmen Chiclana

Having utilized Jeff Sanoian after my shoulder surgery in fall of 2019, and then recently for a back injury, I can say that never have I encountered a more professional, empathetic person to care for my physical injuries than Jeff. Mr. Sanoian truly cares about each and every one of his patients, in a manner that I find to be extremely rare in this modern age of drive-thru medicine. Seriously…if you have any sort of injury that requires physical therapy, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t find your way to Jeff Sanoian. You will not regret it!!

Scott Bandremer

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Physical Therapy Tailored To Your Body And Unique Condition

During your evaluation, Jeffrey Sanoian will take the time to accurately evaluate your condition, including your range of motion, muscular function, strength, posture, flexibility, balance, and coordination. He will then develop a physical therapy program custom-tailored to your body and your current physical condition. By the way, remember to wear comfortable clothing to the evaluation as you will be required to move and stretch.

Jeffry J Sanoian PT office in New City giving physical therapy to Rockland County Patientt
Physical Therapist stretching and providing PT to Rockland County patient - Jeffery J Sanoian PT

Myth: Physical Therapy Is Not Covered By Insurance.

Fact: We accept many health insurance plans. Most insurance companies provide some physical therapy coverage. After calling our facility, we will perform insurance “intake.” The intake allows our insurance specialist to establish precisely how much coverage your plan offers. This process ensures that you are well informed of your treatment and payment options. We continually receive positive feedback from patients regarding our assistance in clarifying insurance issues before treatment begins. We believe in being helpful and transparent. The insurance review is usually accomplished in less than 24 hours. For complete details, see our insurance page.

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Get Your Life Back Quickly With Hands-On Physical Therapy
Nobody should settle for living in pain or not feeling their best. Let us help you regain your best life!


Meet Our Team​

The staff at Jeffery J Sanoian PT PC In New City Are Friendly And Encouraging
JEFFREY J SANOIAN PT, PCOwner And Primary Physical Therapist
Jeffrey Sanoian, a graduate of D’Youvilie College, is a veteran physical therapist with 30 years of experience. He founded Jeffrey J. Sanoian PT., PC on the principle that when you remove time restrictions, provide hands-on care, and facilitate open communication, you create a positive environment where patients experience success in reaching therapy goals. Patients become loyal to Jeff’s practice not only because he has made a name for himself as a capable and creative therapist in Rockland County. He gets results using his manually based approach with strong patient compliance while providing a unique and positive atmosphere in his office.
Krystian Piatek
Krystian Piatek Physical Therapist
Krystian Piatek is a Physical Therapist who graduated of Poznan University of
Medical Sciences, 2018. She is a caring, taletned addtion to the staff.
RANDY RUSSO Chiropractor
For more information on Randy, see his website
Marcy Leon
Marcy LeonMassage Therapist
Massage Therapist

One Of The Best Physical Therapy Facilities In Rockland County

​​​​​​​We have recently relocated to a new facility, in New City, with handicap accessibility and multiple services. The ground-level facility boasts a 2,600 square foot, open-concept space with eight treatment tables for therapeutic rehabilitation and four private rooms for preferred/specialist services with extensive equipment for all aspects of patient care. If you would like to see images of our facility, just click.

With our clinic’s open floor plan, patients are constantly encouraged to interact with their therapist and fellow patients. This interaction creates the family, team atmosphere for which Jeffrey J. Sanoian PT., PC, is known. Patients report that even though their sessions are often challenging, they feel encouraged by this supportive framework and never feel alone on their journey.

Hear What Clients Like You Are Saying About Us:

Howie Brewer

“Jeff and his team are THE best physical therapists around. I am a pretty active adult, having trained in Olympic weightlifting, kettlebell sport, various martial arts, and other unique fitness modalities. Over the past twenty years, I have incurred a number of injuries, and every time I have seen Jeff and the team, they have ALWAYS helped me recover to the point where I was able to return to my chosen activity without any limitations. I cannot recommend Jeff enough.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Jeffrey J Sanoian Rockland County's Best Physical Therapist located in New City NY

Rockland Residents In Pain Choose Jeffrey J Sanoian PT PC For Their Physical Therapy Needs.

Jeffery J Sanoian PT PC, attracts patients from all over Rockland County and the Metro New York area because of his dedication to excellence and the effectiveness of his tailormade PT programs. Patients appreciate the caring, friendly service, and personalized communication the practice offers. Jeffrey’s team listens to each patient’s feedback, which is then used to improve and modify their therapy programs. In the end, the physical therapy service provided is superior and accelerates results. If you are looking for incomparable physical therapy services in Rockland County, call Jeffery J Sanoian PT PC today at 845-639-1181 – you’ll be glad you did!